Right About Then, Right About Now

The seminar "Right About Now" proved to be a stimulating  event with a varied programme and lots of interesting connections between the various presentations. We left with a sense of having achieved something worthwhile and with the desire to continue our discussions. For myself it was very interesting to be introduced to the work of Isabelle Jenniches and to discover that we had many common interests. Michelle Teran's project, as a research fellow at KHIB, continues to develop in extremely interesting directions and will be something to watch closely over the next couple of years. Suzanna Jaschko, who has lectured in Bergen on several occasions previously, presented a number of works from "Process as Paradigm" a show she had co-curated at LaBoral in Spain, where many of the works were based on random, chaotic or unpredictable processes, opening up the artwork as a discursive space rather than a closed and completed object or statement.

Below: Ellen Røed introduces the seminar.

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