ep / 4 / so

Images from my latest work, installed in the Kunnskapsportal (Knowledge Portal) at St. Olavshospital, Trondheim.  The work is entitled ep / 4 / so  (electronic paintings for St. Olav's) and consists of a series of short, semi-abstract visual pieces displayed on a large LED screen in the foyer of the research center. The videos were all conformed to the format and resolution of the screen which is 5.3 meters high  and 4.9 meters wide, with a resolution of 1408 x 1536 pixels. The video material was all shot on HD, then composited in Final Cut pro using a custom screen size to match the LED display. The imagery will be shown at fixed times each day. At other times the screen is used as an interactive display channel for information about medical research. The screen goes live on 25 September, when the building opens.

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