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Seminar at Dokkhuset, Trondheim on 15th. October, with presentations by Daniela Cascella, Scott Rettberg and Heli Rekula, and a concert by Langham Research Centre. Seminar presentations and concert all investigated different interrelationships and configurations of the connections between images, sounds and words.

Daniela Cascella
Daniela Cascella read excerpts from her forthcoming book, interspersed with film clips and short sound pieces. She will develop further her inquiries into writing sound in a project she has curated for Lydgalleriet (The Sound Gallery) in Bergen in November.

Scott Rettberg
Scott Rettberg showed a series of projects he has realised in collaboration with film maker Roderick Coover and poet Nick Montford, and he demonstrated a VR project developed recently in a Cave II facility at the University of Chicago. The piece is based on a research project where US military personnel who have been involved in abuse of prisoners in Iraq give their personal testimonies and accounts. The accounts have been edited, scripted and performed by voice actors, to distance them from the interview subjects.

Heli Rekula
Heli Rekula presented her recent exhibition project In Hemingway's Garden, which has been exhibited in Norway, Denmark and Finland, and she read extracts from her newly published book on the same subject.

Video documentation of the lectures and the concert will soon be posted online at the Trondheim Academy of Art website.

Langham Research Centre
Langham Research Centre performed "Muffled Cyphers" an electronic composition with slide projections by Jeremy Welsh.  The piece was initially made for and premiered at the Only Connect Festival of Sound in Oslo, May 2014. The festival was devoted to the influence of JG Ballard's writing, and featured musicians, artists, writers and others who had responded to Ballard's work.  Muffled Cyphers is based on responses to Ballard's 1970 novel The Atrocity Exhibition.

The score for Muffled Cyphers

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