Upcoming events, November - December 2014.

November and December this year promise to be rather hectic, with several different presentations scheduled.

From 4 - 9 November at Galleri 3,14, Bergen, Trond Lossius and I will be presenting an installation as work-in-progress, from our current ongoing project The Atmospherics (River Deep, Mountain High). The exhibition is entitled "The Place Sound Builds in Passing". On 14th. November I will be making a presentation entitled "Fumbling in The Debris" for the conference Material Memory at the University of Newcastle. On 25th. November at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival I will be joining Langham Research Centre for a performance of our recent collaborative work Muffled Cyphers, recently performed at Dokkhuset in Trondheim. Finally, from December 5th - 14th. I am staging an exhibition entitled "Spor og Rester" (Traces and Remains) at Visningsrom USF in Bergen. The show will include an installation "Peripherique" by Bull. Miletic, a new version of my 2013 video work "Tracings", based on recordings made in the former Spode ceramics factory in Stoke on Trent, and a second iteration of the collaborative installation with Trond Lossius from the ongoing project The Atmospherics, which continues through 2015.

Hardanger Fjord, Lofthus, September 2014

Odda, Hardanger, September 2014

Rong, Sotra, Hordaland, October 2014

Derelict wave power facility, Toft, Sotra, Hordaland, October 2014

Tyssedal, Hardanger, September 2014

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