Lossius & Welsh exhibit in Luftskipet (The Air Ship)

In the exhibition "Søkjer Heim"  (seeking a home) Trond Lossius & Jeremy Welsh are presenting a short video from their ongoing series The Atmospherics. The piece was made in 2014 as a tribute to composer Morten Eide Pedersen (1958 - 2014) with whom they had both collaborated many times during the past decade.

The video features sounds and images recorded in Hardanger in the early autumn of 2014. New iterations of The Atmospherics will be shown during 2016, at Heimdal Kunstforening (January-February) and at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde (June - September)

The premise of the exhibition "Søkjer Heim" is that visitors to the show can apply to own one of the exhibited works, for free.



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