The Atmospherics, 2017 developments.

The Atmospherics, an ongoing sound and video project by Jeremy Welsh and Trond Lossius is currently in its fourth year, and will continue into 2018 and beyond, taking on new forms as it develops. 2017 began with a new installation at HardingarT, in Utne, Hardanger, which co-incidentally was also one of the locations used for the first field recordings made for The Atmospherics. This was the sixth installation in the series and was entitled "The Atmospherics 6: The Seat With The Clearest View". It was comprised of three HD video projections and an eight channel surround sound installation. The next phase will take place in September as part of Liminaria 2017, an international sound art residency and workshop in the region of Fortore, Italy.

Images from the exhibition here.

installation shot at HardingarT

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