Current & recent research projects involving Jeremy Welsh.

Re: place is an artistic research project launched at Bergen Academy of Art & design in October 2012. Re: place is supported by the Norwegian Project Program for Research in The Arts and is being developed in cooperation with Oslo National Academy of The Arts and Griegakademiet, the music conservatory in Bergen. The project brings together a diverse range of practitioners active within video/film, photography, sound, installation, performance and site-specific projects.

Se: (to look, observe, watch) a project developed by Jeremy Welsh  between 2009 - 2012. The project was first developed during a residency at Artspace, Sydney in 2009. "Image gathering as visual research": an investigation of place, time, image, memory through photography, video, sound and text. A central work in the project is "maZine" a photo series arranged as a series of grids within which sets of images elaborate possible narrative readings of situations observed in urban environments. Part of the project was the seminar "Placeholders" held in September 2011, which became the foundation for the new research project Re: place. Paranoid Ecstacy,  an exhibition of parts of the "Se" project was held in the KHIB gallery Rom 8 in September 2010. Some of the images and video were also featured in Silent Spaces, an exhibition at MacQuarie University Art Gallery, Sydney, in 2010.

Dialog/Overgang (Dialogue/Transition) was a series of installations developed by the group LMW (Trond Lossius, Jon Arne Mogstad, Jeremy Welsh) between 2004 - 2011, within the framework of an investigation of Painting in The Expanded Field. Taking as a starting point Rosalind Krauss' influential essay "Sculpture in The Expanded Field", the project set out to define an "unstable" meeting space in which the material practice of painting would be merged with the processes of digital media in the form of electronic images and sound. Several large-scale installations were produced for museums, galleries, theatre spaces and festivals, and the project  was also presented within the framework of seminars and conferences. The most recent installation in the series was Please Note After Image, at Bergen Art Museum in 2010/11.