PLACEHOLDERS - seminar programme

Seminar programme
Project Room, 6th. floor, Kunstakademiet, C. Sundtsgt 53
Thursday 22 September
12.00 Introduction: Jeremy Welsh
12.15 Presentation: Patrik Entian
13.00 Presentation: Justin Bennett
14.30 Presentation: Richard Launder
15.00 Presentation: Johan Sandborg
15.30  Presentation: Peter McCaughy
19.00 Book launch: Brandon LaBelle at Hordaland Kunstsenter
Friday 23 September
10.00 Presentation: Jeremy Welsh
11.00 Presentation: Synne Bull 
12.00 lunch
12.30 Presentation: Brandon LaBelle
13.30  Presentation: Michelle Teran
14.00  Conclusion, summing up


PLACEHOLDERS: a research seminar at KHIB

Jeremy Welsh - from image series Paraphrase (2010)

Documentation images from the seminar

Placeholders is a two-day seminar taking place at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen on 22 - 23 September 2011. The seminar will examine ways in which artists from a variety of practices including photography, video, sound, performance, site-specific work and painting approach the issue of "place". Individual presentations will highlight ways in which (a sense of) place is constituted, challenged, reconstructed or communicated through a broad range of artistic strategies.

Speakers are:
Synne Bull, one half of Bull.Miletic - artist duo together with Dragan Miletic (Oslo) whose video works have explored a broad range of sites and places. An ongoing project, Heaven Can Wait, consists of video recordings made at many of the world's rotating restaurants.

Brandon LaBelle, Professor of new media and sound art at KHIB. LaBelle's works include installations, performances and projects in public spaces, often combining sound, sculpture and text. LaBelle is also author of several books including Background Noise; Perspectives on Sound Art.

Justin Bennett, audio artist (Den Haag) Bennett's work includes installations, drawings, cd's and other audio works, commissioned sound for dance and theatre, and public interventions. His most recent work was made for the public art project "Invisible Architectures" in Newcastle on Tyne.

Michelle Teran is an artistic research fellow at KHIB. Her current work revolves around geo-tagged performative video pieces uploaded to the web and linked to maps & Google Earth. Through these she builds up narrative journeys that allow new ways of exploring or experiencing a number of cities.

Patrik Entian is a final-year research fellow in painting at KHIB. His project "Looking for Painting" deals with landscape by exploiting contemporary network technology. The main source and focus for his recent work is the feed from a webcam in Antarctica.

Richard Launder is an Associate Professor in ceramics and sculpture at KHIB. His works often take on a performative character and are frequently staged in public spaces, working through strategies that have their roots in Situationist practices.

Johan Sandborg is a photographic artist, associate professor and vice-rektor at KHIB. He will discuss his recent project "Bridge to Bridge", a photographic record of the changing environment of Bergen's former docklands.

Peter McCaughy, a Glasgow-based artist & lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, working with sire-specific and socially engaged urban projects.

Jeremy Welsh (seminar organiser) is Professor & MA Course Leader at KHIB. His works in video, photography, installation and text have often been an investigation of place and time. Together with Bull.Miletic he has in recent years participated in a series of projects entitled Cities Reimagined, and was the initiator of the blog & collaboration platform BUU.

TO REGISTER FOR THE SEMINAR SEND EMAIL TO jayjaywel at gmail dot com

Location details:
Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, Kunstakademiet
C. Sundtsgt. 53, 5004 Bergen

Thursday 22 September 12.00 - 16.00
Friday 23 September 10.00 - 14.00
***SPECIAL EVENT*** book launch by Brandon LaBelle, Thursday 22 September at 7 pm
Hordaland Kunstsenter, Klosteret 17, 5005 Bergen


Lines Converging At A Distance

Lines converging at a distance, a site specific sound installation by Trond Lossius, opened on 7th. July at Håkons Hall, Bergen. The installation will be in place until 18th. September, providing a calm, immersive and meditative contrast to the tourist traffic outside on the quayside. The installation continues Trond Lossius' investigation of sound in space and bears many of the characteristics of earlier works, taking recorded sounds as a starting point and manipulating the material digitally to create a drifting soundscape that contains the essence of the original sounds but transforms them into sonic structures that become part of the physical environment. The sounds and the physical structure interact beautifully - the scale and volume of the architecture provide a frame that allows Lossius to stretch the scope and ambition of his work. I look forward to returning when there are less (preferably no) people present in order to have a more concentrated listening experience.


Exhibitions June 2011

"Vatn: Connecting People" at Kviteseid Kunstforening, a series of events and exhibitions in celebration of the 150th. anniversary of the Telemark Canal. Several artists, musicians and performers held events in and around Kviteseid over the weekend of 16th. - 19th. June and exhibitions opened in the Kunstforening's two galleries Port Arthur and Pakkbua, an old canalside storehouse that has been converted into a video viewing space for the duration of the summer. I curated a small exhibition of water-themed  video art works, which are shown daily until 13th. August.

Below: Pakkbua, the termporary video gallery exterior, and interior, with Ivar Smedstad's video "Vortex"

German oceanographer & sculptor Erich Bäuerle demonstrates his work for groups of school children

Installation outside the gallery "Port Arthur" by Oslo-based artist Eva Schølberg

Video screening programme, 16 June - 13 August:

1 - In Our Place
16 juni - 24 juni
2 - Trilogi over Felespilleren, Dvergen og Den blinde
25  juni - 1 juli
3 - Bending Water
2 juli - 10 juli
4 - Tro, Håp, Luft og Vann
11 juli - 19 juli
5 - Fall
20 juli - 29 juli
6 - Vortex
30 juli - 6 august
7 - Tolvte Samtal
7 august - 13 august

Anne Katrine Senstad "Is her name red?" at Galleri 3,14 Bergen - opening Friday 24. June.

New-York based artist Senstad is showing a series of abstract colour photographs, a two-screen video work with music by J.G. Thirlwell, and a digital slide projection with portrait photographs. The large colour prints and video projection have a strong, painterly visual presence and clear references to an abstract visual language belonging to the history of avant-garde film, early synthetic video art and the art of psychedelia.

Below - images from the opening.


Hanne Grieg Hermansen and Aja Ulset openings 15 April

Former KHIB master student Hanne Grieg Hermansen (graduated 2010) opened her first solo show at Tag Team Studio on Friday April 15th, showing a series of large drawings. The same evening, another class of 2010 graduate, Anja Ulset, opened a solo show at Knipsu, where the exhibits include postcards and specially produced stamps that the visitor can use to send a message from the exhibition.  The postcard is from the ongoing project "Bergen Art Guide" in which accidentally discovered sites in Bergen are appropriated and then attributed to well-known artists as examples of their work. The postcard shows a "work" by Gordon Matta Clark. Meanwhile, this year's MA exhibition continues at Bergen Kunsthall until May 1st.

The opening of Hanne Grieg Hermansen's show; Tonje Bøe Birkeland, Hilde Skevik, Ellen Suhrke, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Øystein Wyller. Curator Arne Bakke is reflected in the picture frame behind.


RETROSPEKTIV: film & video art in Norway 1960 - 1990

Exhibition at Stensersens Museum, Oslo, from 1 April until 2 May 2011, curated by Farhad Kalantary and produced by Atopia.  The exhibition, featuring 64 works by 36 artists, is the first major historical survey of artists' film and video work by Norwegian and Norway-based artists. A second exhibition at a later date will examine works produced after 1990.

Images below: two works by Jeremy Welsh included in the exhibition: I.O.D. (1984) and Immemorial (1989)  and curator Farhad Kalantary opening the exhibition.


Strawberry Butterflies and Peppermint Cats

Exhibition in connection with the Borealis Festival 2011 in Bergen. Drawings by Susanna Kajermo Törner, (currently exhibiting at Tegnerforbundet, Oslo) paintings and objects by Mona Aspen Simonsen, graphics & curating by Jeremy Welsh.

More information at the KHIB website and at Borealis.

Images from the opening on 22 March in Rom 8, Vaskerelven, Bergen.


Right About Then, Right About Now

The seminar "Right About Now" proved to be a stimulating  event with a varied programme and lots of interesting connections between the various presentations. We left with a sense of having achieved something worthwhile and with the desire to continue our discussions. For myself it was very interesting to be introduced to the work of Isabelle Jenniches and to discover that we had many common interests. Michelle Teran's project, as a research fellow at KHIB, continues to develop in extremely interesting directions and will be something to watch closely over the next couple of years. Suzanna Jaschko, who has lectured in Bergen on several occasions previously, presented a number of works from "Process as Paradigm" a show she had co-curated at LaBoral in Spain, where many of the works were based on random, chaotic or unpredictable processes, opening up the artwork as a discursive space rather than a closed and completed object or statement.

Below: Ellen Røed introduces the seminar.


Constructing Time: Applied Data Mining: Right About Now

A one-day seminar at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen on Thursday 3 March 2011. Programme details of the seminar are here.  Presentation by Jeremy Welsh: The Accidental Collector, 2008 - 2010. Musings on art as data and data as art; the compulsion to collect, database narratives or narrative databases; iStories, embodied and disembodied memory; the art of scavenging.


Right about Now

Welcome to a symposium for discussing observation, collecting and the production of presence as artistic strategies.
3. march 2011 at ROM8, Vaskerelven 8, Bergen

Thursday 3. of march: Public Symposium

10.00 Introduction by Ellen Røed
10.15 Isabelle Jenniches (USA): A young lady’s illustrated primer to webcams.
11.15 Patrik Entian (N): Close but far away. Landscape painting and webcameras.
12.15 Jeremy Welsh (UK/N): The Accidental Collector, 2008 – 2010.
13.15 Lunch at the Art academy (not included)
14.30 Suzanne Jaschko (D): Process as Paradigm?
15.30 Michelle Teran (CN/N): Future Guides for Cities
16.30 End


Website updates

jewelsh.com has been updated with a new home page, albums of documentation images from several projects, biography, bibliography and links to other related websites. The site will be further updated in the near future to provide a full documentation archive of works by Jeremy Welsh, as well as collaborative projects with other artists.


Exhibition for Borealis Festival 2011

Strawberry Butterflies and Peppermint Cats is the title of an exhibition to be staged as part of the Borealis festival of contemporary music in Bergen, from 22 - 27 March 2011. The exhibition will include classic psychedelic graphics from the late sixties and contemporary artworks taking the heritage of psychedelia as their starting point. Two guest artists have been invited to participate; Susanna Kajermo Törner will exhibit drawings and Mona Aspen Simonsen will contribute with paintings. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 22 March at 6.00 pm, Rom 8, Vaskerelven, Bergen.