In The Making (2) - 60 Minutes In No Particular Order

Images from the presentation of the video work 60 Minutes In No Particular Order at the exhibition Since 1843:In The Making, Nottingham Trent University, January 9 - February 7, 2014. The video was being shown in two locations - as an ongoing projection in the Bonnington Gallery Foyer, and as part of a weekly screening programme in a viewing theatre. 60 minutes…. was first made in 2002 for a touring exhibition shown at several museums and galleries in western Norway, and subsequently at various film and video festivals and contemporary music events. The work consists of 60 one-minute audio visual compositions with images by Jeremy Welsh and audio by Robert Worby, and is part of an ongoing collaboration between Welsh and Worby that began in 1973. The dvd is controlled by a script that selects a new sequence at random every 60 seconds. This project is discussed and analysed in a new book on video art "Maleri med Tid: om modernism, filmisk avant-garde og videokunst"  (Painting with time: on Modernism, Avant-garde film and video art)  by art historian Per Kvist, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at The University of Agder, Norway. An earlier collaborative work by Welsh and Worby, The Go, No Go Detector (1997), will be showing in an exhibition due to open at Atopia, centre for artists' film and video in Oslo on 6th. February, in connection with a launch of Per Kvist's book.


Since 1843: In the Making

Off to Nottingham this week fir the first time since maybe 1983, to take part in the exhibition "Since 1843: In the Making", a celebration of 170 years of art and design education in the city of Nottingham. Images from the opening will follow….