Ryōan-ji temple garden in Kyoto. I'm currently preparing for an audio-visual performance, together with Michael Francis Duch, of John Cage's composition Ryōan-ji. The concert will take place at Kunsthall Trondheim on 14th. December.

Ryōan-ji zen garden
Part of John Cage's score


Digging up the past.....

A Facebook post I received recently from a former student featured the photo below, which she had taken at the offices of Trondheim City Council. A digital photo print series I made in the late nineties, probably 1998 I think. The work was entitled "Stupid Sky; Blonde; Bird" and was bought by the Trondheim department of culture. I never documented it when it was exhibited, so this photo is the only evidence I have of the work! The sky was a sunset over Byåsen, Trondheim. The blonde woman in the middle was a tv newsreader. And the bird sitting on the computer screen was a dove belonging to a student, Ebba Moi, who asked me to take care of it while she was visiting her family in Sweden. Thanks to Anne-Marie Waag for the photo!


The Seen at Kunsthall Trondheim

Wednesday 1. November 20.00, Kunsthall Trondheim.

Concert by The Seen 
with video projections by Jeremy Welsh.

Concert arranged by New Music Trondheim.


Terranova is a new video work currently showing at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen. The material for the video was shot during a residency at Liminaria 2017, at Terranova Arte e Natura, Arpaise, southern Italy, in September 2017. Terranova is one of two works made as a result of the residency. The first, in collaboration with Trond Lossius, was a performance/projection with 4 channel surround sound, presented at the conclusion of the Liminaria project. The material from this performance will be re-edited to make a two-screen projection installation with multi-channel sound.