Current exhibitions, summer 2020

After the lockdown period, exhibitions started up again this summer. There are two current shows, one at Nordenfjelske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim, and Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter in Molde. Showing in Trondheim is "Mind is Moving IV" a composition by Michael Pisaro, performed by Michael Francis Duch on solo double bass, with projections and video production by Jeremy Welsh. The work is shown within the exhibition "Ta Deg Tid / Take Your Time" curated by Solveig Lønmo. The exhibition is open until late January 2021. There was also a short performance by Duch and Welsh at the exhibition opening in June.

The show in Molde, "Take Me To The River", features paintings by Jon Arne Mogstad and video by Jeremy Welsh, and is this year's Molde Jazz Festival exhibition. On 20 August there will be an artist talk and finissage.

Mind is Moving IV

Mind is Moving IV

Mind is Moving IV

Take Me To The River

Take Me To The River

Take Me To The River


Corona Lockdown week 3.

Cancelled projects
Changed plans.
Different routines.
New realities.
What can be done, and what not.

Small things can be contributed to. I posted a picture to The Private Library collection:



La Luna Asoma

An installation by Jeremy Welsh at Galleri Ventana, Bergen. The gallery is housed in a street-level window and specialises in showing small artworks and installations that are intended to be seen at night. La Luna Asoma is the title of a poem by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The poem is included in the installation, as text projected onto the window. The other elements in the work are two video still lives. One of these is shown on a CRT tv in 4:3 format and the other on a digital photo frame in widescreen 16:9 format.
The Moon Rising
When the moon rises
bells fade
and impenetrable paths
When the moon rises,
the ocean covers the earth
and the heart feels
as an island within infinity.
No one eats oranges
under the full moon.
One must eat
green fruit and ice.
When the moon rises
with his hundred identical faces,
the silver coin
within his pocket weeps.
Installation in Galleri Ventana


Exhibition January 2020

Coming up on Saturday 18th. January, the launch of a new work for Bergen's "micro-gallery" Ventana, initiated by Pedro Vasquez at his house on Murallmenningen, Nordnes, Bergen. The work has three parts - two video pieces and projection of text on the window. The text is a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, "La Luna Asoma" and is accompanied by two electronic still life images on monitors. More images to follow after installing!

Testing the video  materials in the studio, January 16th.



Selections from the archives, part 2.

Bird, Opera, Lambda

Take it easy.


01 01 2020

New Year 2020

An image from the archive.

plug and play.