Final night in Surnadal

One last walk along the fjord to watch the sunset before leaving Surnadal and returning to Bergen tomorrow. I have been here for five weeks as curator for Billag Festival 2021 and it has been an exciting but also quite exhausting time. There is a full overview of the whole festival programme from April to October on the Surnadal Billag website: https://www.surnadalbillag.com/billag-festival-2021


The Atmospherics 11 at Høstutstillingen

The Atmospherics 11 (remake / remodel) is currently showing in Høstutstilling (The Autumn Exhibition) at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. This version of The Atmospherics is for single screen and stereo sound, in contrast to the many multi channel versions that have been exhibited since 2014. The piece was initially made for online presentation through BEK, Bergen center for electronic arts, and this presentation in Oslo is the first offline exhibition. The film is composed of elements  used in earlier iterations of the project, and is closest to the version shown at Entrée, Bergen, in 2018.  Images and editing by Jeremy Welsh, sound by Trond Lossius.



Billag Festival September 2021

The festival at Surnadal Billag continues through September, with a mixed programme of exhibitions, workshops, concerts, performances and film screenings, both at Surnadal Billag and Surnadal Kulturhus (cinema and gallery)

First out is a workshop / audio visual project "Pixels / Frames / Beats / Drones" which was originally scheduled to happen in Surnadal, Trondheim and Bergen in 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid 19. The original plan was to hold a workshop at Surnadal Billag, a concert & performance in Trondheim as part of the MetaMorf biennale of art and technology, and then a performance at the artistic research conference in Bergen.  This year's version is more compact: a three day workshop followed by two days of presentations in Surnadal.

Updated information on each event and exhibition will be posted on the festival's Facebook page:


Take Me To The River part 2

Saturday 17th. July we open the second instalment of Take Me To The River with paintings by Jon Arne Mogstad and video by Jeremy Welsh. The exhibition takes place at Kallastuå, Surnadal, as part of Billagfestival 2021, a programme of exhibitions and events arranged throughout the summer by Surnadal Billag.

News article on the exhibition in Tidens Krav (in Norwegian)




Take me to The River (part 2), an exhibition by Jon  Arne Mogstad and Jeremy Welsh, to be shown at Kallastuå, Surnadal, in July 2021 as part of Billagfestival 2021. This is a continuation of a project shown as Molde Jazz Festival Exhibition in 2020 at Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter. The exhibition will comprise a series of new paintings by Jon Arne Mogstad and video installation by Jeremy Welsh.

Images below from test projections for a two-projector HD installation. Tests made at Surnadal Billag, 10 June, documented with mobile phone. 


Billag Festival 2021

The first exhibition in the series Billag Festival 2021 at Surnadal Billag took place the weekend of 23 - 25 April, with works by Kwestan Jamal Bawan and Carl Martin Hansen. The exhibition featured paintings and drawings by Bawan and sculptures and paintings by Hansen. During the opening on Friday 23 April, and again on Saturday 24th. percussionist Asle Hansen performed in the exhibition.

The  festival runs until early October with a varied programme of exhibitions, concerts, performances and screenings.

See more details at Surnadal Billag.



In Surnadal again, seven months after the last time. Same house, different room. Same view, different angle. Getting ready for the opening of the first exhibition in Billag Festival 2021, a six month programme of events at art centre Surnadal Billag. I am one of two guest curators for the festival. This is a new phase in my prolonged entanglement with the place. Previously I have organised workshops and events, run courses here with students, helped to recruit artists to the residency programme. So it is a kind of home from home. Each time I return between now and the end of September there will be a different group of artists, a different focus, another set of expectations and challenges. Having ended my teaching career almost a year ago, having been, like everyone, a virtual prisoner of Corona for the past year, it is good to have this project. 

18 September 2020

22 April 2021