La Luna Asoma

An installation by Jeremy Welsh at Galleri Ventana, Bergen. The gallery is housed in a street-level window and specialises in showing small artworks and installations that are intended to be seen at night. La Luna Asoma is the title of a poem by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The poem is included in the installation, as text projected onto the window. The other elements in the work are two video still lives. One of these is shown on a CRT tv in 4:3 format and the other on a digital photo frame in widescreen 16:9 format.
The Moon Rising
When the moon rises
bells fade
and impenetrable paths
When the moon rises,
the ocean covers the earth
and the heart feels
as an island within infinity.
No one eats oranges
under the full moon.
One must eat
green fruit and ice.
When the moon rises
with his hundred identical faces,
the silver coin
within his pocket weeps.
Installation in Galleri Ventana


Exhibition January 2020

Coming up on Saturday 18th. January, the launch of a new work for Bergen's "micro-gallery" Ventana, initiated by Pedro Vasquez at his house on Murallmenningen, Nordnes, Bergen. The work has three parts - two video pieces and projection of text on the window. The text is a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, "La Luna Asoma" and is accompanied by two electronic still life images on monitors. More images to follow after installing!

Testing the video  materials in the studio, January 16th.



Selections from the archives, part 2.

Bird, Opera, Lambda

Take it easy.


01 01 2020

New Year 2020

An image from the archive.

plug and play.


New exhibition at Trondheim Kunstforening

A joint exhibition with Kari Dyrdal opened at Trondheim Kunstforening on October 10th., featuring several digitally woven tapestries, three video works for monitors/tv screens, two digital photographic prints and a new collaborative work combining textile and video. The exhibition runs until 3rd. November and is open each week from Thursday to Sunday.

The new, collaborative piece was woven in the digital lab at the Textiles Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where Kari Dyrdal has been producing work since the early 2000's. It is a semi-translucent, free-hanging piece, viewable from both sides. Two HD video projections are combined. The woven piece is based on an abstracted image of a rippling water surface, combined with vertical stripes in a highly reflective material. The projected images are also sourced from footage focussing on water surfaces and reflections in water. Ambient sounds of water are played back in the exhibition from two of the video works shown on monitors.

Video documentation (3' 30") of the collaborative work can be seen here:  https://vimeo.com/366053476


News October 2019

Upcoming events, October and November.

Opening on 10 October at Trondheim Kunstforening, a joint show with Kari Dyrdal, professor of textiles at KMD, University of Bergen. The show will include some existing works and a completely new joint work that incorporates digitally woven textile with video projections. The textile material combines transparent/translucent and reflective materials that will combine dynamically with projected light.

On 31 October I will join Amanda Steggel for a research seminar that is part of her project Amphibious Trilogies, at KHiO, Oslo. I was part of a seminar that Amanda held during research week at KHiO eighteen months ago, and it will be interesting to see where the research has been going since then.

On 2 November, Michael Francis Duch and I will present a new iteration of our ongoing collaborative project for live and pre-recorded double bass and video. The concert will take place in Bergen at Belgin, the headquarters of Bergen Assembly, housed in KODE 2, Bergen Kunstmuseum. The most recent version of the work was performed at TEKS, Trondheim, during Trondheim Culture Night 2019 in September.

Michael Francis Duch performing at TEKS, Trondheim, 13 September, with video by Jeremy Welsh