The Seen at Kunsthall Trondheim

Wednesday 1. November 20.00, Kunsthall Trondheim.

Concert by The Seen 
with video projections by Jeremy Welsh.

Concert arranged by New Music Trondheim.


Terranova is a new video work currently showing at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen. The material for the video was shot during a residency at Liminaria 2017, at Terranova Arte e Natura, Arpaise, southern Italy, in September 2017. Terranova is one of two works made as a result of the residency. The first, in collaboration with Trond Lossius, was a performance/projection with 4 channel surround sound, presented at the conclusion of the Liminaria project. The material from this performance will be re-edited to make a two-screen projection installation with multi-channel sound.


The Impossible Room

The first phase of the project The Impossible Room (or The Impossible Space) took place as a short performance at Trondheim Cinematek on 6th. October. The performance featured Michael Francis Duch (double bass) Tone Åse (voice and electronics) Arild Vange (texts and reading) and Jeremy Welsh (video projection). The next phase of the project will be a presentation by Duch and Welsh at the conference Sounding Out The Space in Dublin between 2 - 4 November. After that it is planned to arrange a series of site-specific workshops over the coming year to test out ideas and methods that can form the basis of an application for an artistic research project. Current plans include a workshop and performance to take place in spring 2018 at Surnadal Billag, a new centre for projects and residencies in Surnadal, Møre & Romsdal.

Performance at Trondheim Cinematek, 6 October 2017


Det Umulig Rom / The Impossible Space

"The Impossible Space" is an opera project in its early stage of development, and is a transdisciplinary collaborative project between various parts of the Music Conservatory and the Department of Fine Art, NTNU.

Musicians Tone Åse and Michael Francis Duch, music technologist Sigurd Saue, visual artist Jeremy Welsh and writer Arild Vange will investigate spaces and spatiality, and the possibilities of altering an audience's perceptions and experiences of the space they are in.

On Friday October 6th. 14.00 at Trondheim Cinematek there will be a short performance and presentation, as a launch of the project and an initial testing out of some of the ideas and methods to be investigated. The event is free.

The event will also include a presentation of the collaborative project "Hører du ikke hva jeg danser, eller?" by  Oslo-based composer Ivar Grydeland and dancer Siri Jøntvedt.

Image: Ivar Grydeland & Siri Jøndtvedt


Liminaria 2017

Trond Lossius and myself are currently on a residency in Terranova, Arpaisa, southern Italy, as part of Liminaria, an international sound art project curated by Leandro Pisano and beatrice Ferrara. This residency is hosted by TANA (Terranova Arte Natura) an art and ecology project initiated by Tiziana de Tora and Marco Papa. Our participation is the result of a collaboration agreement between Bergen Center for Electronic Art (BEK) and Limiaria. It is planned to follow this up with a visit to Norway in 2018 or 2019 by Italian participants in the project. We have been making field recordings in sound and video around the district in the natural landscape and in neighbouring villages. The residency concludes with a screening event on Saturday 9 September.


Terranova, Arpaise


The Atmospherics, 2017 developments.

The Atmospherics, an ongoing sound and video project by Jeremy Welsh and Trond Lossius is currently in its fourth year, and will continue into 2018 and beyond, taking on new forms as it develops. 2017 began with a new installation at HardingarT, in Utne, Hardanger, which co-incidentally was also one of the locations used for the first field recordings made for The Atmospherics. This was the sixth installation in the series and was entitled "The Atmospherics 6: The Seat With The Clearest View". It was comprised of three HD video projections and an eight channel surround sound installation. The next phase will take place in September as part of Liminaria 2017, an international sound art residency and workshop in the region of Fortore, Italy.

Images from the exhibition here.

installation shot at HardingarT


17th. Seoul International New Media Festival

I'm happy to be showing my video work I.O.D. (1984) as part of a retrospective programme of video art from Norway within the 17th. Seoul International New Media Festival. The programme has been curated by Farhad Kalantary, director of Atopia, Oslo.

I.O.D. has previously been shown at numerous video art and experimental film festivals since it was premiered in 1984. It won an award at the 1984 Tokyo International Video Festival, and has been tv broadcast in several countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden. In 2013 it was included in a major exhibition of video art at the National Museum, Oslo, where it is also part of the museum's permanent collection.