Sebald Variations

The exhibition Sebald Variations at the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, was one of the exhibition highlights of 2015 so far, and probably better than 90% of what is on show in Venice this year. On show until 26 July, it is definitely worth catching for anyone visiting Barcelona. Highlights include two excellent films by Guido van der Werve and Josiah McElheny, as well as photographs by Susan Hiller and materials from Seabed's own archives. There was not an exhibition catalogue as such, but a free newspaper with short texts by curator Jorge Carrion. There was also an extensive programme of lectures, readings, performances and other events, all of which had already taken place before I visited the exhibition.


The Things

The Things is a new blog - a place for collecting images of things observed while walking in the city or the landscape. Discarded and displaced items. Surprise encounters.


Mirror wall

This mirror construction appeared suddenly in the atrium of Industribygget in Trondheim, which houses Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, as well as various architecture and media companies. It is very reminiscent of the  permanent wall installation by Lello & Arnell at Norges Handelsh√łyskolen in Bergen.


Another ghost sign....Scandic

  1. since this absent sign was photographed in late April, all traces of it have vanished, so this might be the only record of its existence...

Scandic Hotel in Trondheim, formerly known as Rica Nidelven


Ghost signs?

An article from the Australian broadcasting company ABC, posted to Facebook by Alec Shepley, referred to "Ghost Sign Hunters" - i.e. photographers who document old, decayed signs on the facades of buildings. This seems to correspond to one of the categories of things I have documented over the years and it prompted me to go into my photo archive and investigate how many of these images I have actually collected. Quite a lot it seems. A more or less random selection below, some more ghostly than others, collected in Venice, Bergen, Stoke on Trent, Greenside, Novi Sad and Sydney, among others. Interesting that the article emanated from Australia, as it was there, both in Sydney and numerous other places, that I photographed a lot of old, decaying signs in 2008, 2009 and 2011. This also reminds me of an excellent book "Amsterdam In Letters: typography and architecture" by Maarten Helle, where he documents the typography on the facades of Amsterdam buildings.





Can not remember where!


Novi Sad

Stoke on Trent


The Atmospherics

Documentation of recent installations in collaboration with Trond Lossius. Links below will connect to video documentation on Vimeo of three installations. The photo gallery has also been updated recently with a new series of images - (sub)urban discoveries, continued....

The Atmospherics part 3: Till it rains I'm gonna stay inside

The Atmospherics part 2: Flags, Flames, Smoke and Bridges

The Atmospherics part 1: The Place Sound Builds In Passing

The Atmospherics part 3: Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, January 2015
The Atmospherics part 2: Visiningsrom USF, Bergen, December 2014

The Atmospherics part 1: Galleri 3,14, Bergen, November 2014.


2015 calendar by Dan Mihaltianu

2015 calendar by Dan Mihaltianu, with photographs of the former STASI archives in East Berlin. In 2015 it is 25 years since the collapse of the DDR.