Lines Converging At A Distance

Lines converging at a distance, a site specific sound installation by Trond Lossius, opened on 7th. July at Håkons Hall, Bergen. The installation will be in place until 18th. September, providing a calm, immersive and meditative contrast to the tourist traffic outside on the quayside. The installation continues Trond Lossius' investigation of sound in space and bears many of the characteristics of earlier works, taking recorded sounds as a starting point and manipulating the material digitally to create a drifting soundscape that contains the essence of the original sounds but transforms them into sonic structures that become part of the physical environment. The sounds and the physical structure interact beautifully - the scale and volume of the architecture provide a frame that allows Lossius to stretch the scope and ambition of his work. I look forward to returning when there are less (preferably no) people present in order to have a more concentrated listening experience.