Constructing Time: Applied Data Mining: Right About Now

A one-day seminar at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen on Thursday 3 March 2011. Programme details of the seminar are here.  Presentation by Jeremy Welsh: The Accidental Collector, 2008 - 2010. Musings on art as data and data as art; the compulsion to collect, database narratives or narrative databases; iStories, embodied and disembodied memory; the art of scavenging.


Right about Now

Welcome to a symposium for discussing observation, collecting and the production of presence as artistic strategies.
3. march 2011 at ROM8, Vaskerelven 8, Bergen

Thursday 3. of march: Public Symposium

10.00 Introduction by Ellen Røed
10.15 Isabelle Jenniches (USA): A young lady’s illustrated primer to webcams.
11.15 Patrik Entian (N): Close but far away. Landscape painting and webcameras.
12.15 Jeremy Welsh (UK/N): The Accidental Collector, 2008 – 2010.
13.15 Lunch at the Art academy (not included)
14.30 Suzanne Jaschko (D): Process as Paradigm?
15.30 Michelle Teran (CN/N): Future Guides for Cities
16.30 End


Website updates

jewelsh.com has been updated with a new home page, albums of documentation images from several projects, biography, bibliography and links to other related websites. The site will be further updated in the near future to provide a full documentation archive of works by Jeremy Welsh, as well as collaborative projects with other artists.


Exhibition for Borealis Festival 2011

Strawberry Butterflies and Peppermint Cats is the title of an exhibition to be staged as part of the Borealis festival of contemporary music in Bergen, from 22 - 27 March 2011. The exhibition will include classic psychedelic graphics from the late sixties and contemporary artworks taking the heritage of psychedelia as their starting point. Two guest artists have been invited to participate; Susanna Kajermo Törner will exhibit drawings and Mona Aspen Simonsen will contribute with paintings. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 22 March at 6.00 pm, Rom 8, Vaskerelven, Bergen.