Persistent Disequilibrium

Persistent Disequilibrium is an ongoing project by the group Pixels/Frames/Beats/Drones (Øyvind Brandtsegg, Tijs Ham, Trond Lossius, Piya Wanthiang, Jeremy Welsh). The project builds upon an artist residency, workshop and performance at Surnadal Billag as part of Billag Festival in 2021. In November 2022 the group convened once again at Surnadal Billag to start production on the next phase of the project, which will be premiered at Møre og Romsdal Art Centre, Molde, in March 2023, with a performance and exhibition. The project explores feedback, circularity, layering, repetition and an accumulation of layers in sound, image, material and space. The main activities in the latest workshop revolved around working with rheoscopic fluids, excited by sound waves through the use of transducers and contact microphones, and recording the images and sound produced in video and digital audio. A second strand involved working with plastic foils, electric fans, video projection and modular sound synthesis. And in addition a "painting" was created on watercolour paper by vibrating pigments, powders, grains and liquids on its surface, by using transducers.

The next phase of the project involves refining and editing recorded materials and preparing elements of the installation that will be the centre of the installation and performance in March 2023.


William Kentridge, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Undoubtedly the best exhibition I have seen in 2022, and quite possibly the best I have seen for a number of years. The range and depth of Kentridge's work is impressive on every level, and at the RA it is presented extremely well. There is an awful lot to see and think about, but the curation is thoughtful and considerate, so the experience never becomes overwhelming, which could easily have happened. The show includes many of the animation films, as well as installations, drawings, sculptures and textiles. A common visual language unites all of these media, the exhibition is experienced as a whole rather than a series of separate events.  Open until 11 December and highly recommended !

The catalogue is an artwork in its own right, well written and beautifully illustrated

The main screening room. Despite there being several films shown simultaneously, they did not interfere with each other

A  drawing from Kentridge's version of Jarry's Pere Ubu

Included in the exhibition is a video in which Kentridge converses with himself about his working methods

Recent drawings of trees with texts

Sets and props from an opera


Atmospherics 12, Ringebu

The long summer exhibition at the Centre for Ceramic Art is over and the installation has been taken down.  Final pictures from Ringebu, the exhibition that I did not ever get to see in person. Thanks to Trond Lossius for installing and deinstalling the show ! And thanks to Torbjørn Kvasbø for the invitation to participate in the exhibition.


E39 fra kunst til folk.

Currently showing The Atmospherics 12 (Standing in the shadows) in E39 fra kunst til folk at Surnadal Billag. From 6 - 28 August.


2022 - half year summary

July 2022, currently in pause mode, looking back at projects that have been produced and exhibited so far this year. The first months were quite productive with a variety of collaborative productions presented at several different venues.

January: audio visual concerts with Michael Francis Duch at Inderøy Kulturhus and Dokkhuset, Trondheim. Premieres of new pieces composed by Lene Grenager and Mads Gustafsson. The headlining piece in the programme was Grenager's Reconstruction V, a 28 minute piece for live double bass, recorded sound and video projection.

Reconstruction V

Composition by Mads Gustafsson for two double basses, turntables and vinyl records

March: a screening of The Atmospherics 11, with Trond Lossius, at WRAP, Bergen. 

March: opening of the exhibition Infinitesimal Gradations that I guest curated for Atelier Nord, Oslo, with works by Hasan Daragmeh, Kaia Hugin and Magdalena Manderlova with Kristoffer Lislegaard.

Panoramic video installation by Hasan Daragmeh

Video installation by Hasan Daragmeh and sound work / listening station by Magdalena Manderlova

Film projection & installation by Kaia Hugin

Concert by Magdalena Manderlova and Kristoffer Lislegaard

April: closing event of the exhibition at Atelier Nord with a second concert by Magdalena Manderlova and Kristoffer Lislegaard, launch of Manderlova's sound work Straw Bales on the Breton Cassette tape label, and screening / artist conversation with Kaia Hugin and Jeremy Welsh.

May: Recording video and audio with Trond Lossius in Gudbrandsdal for a new work in The Atmospherics series, to be shown in the summer exhibition at the Centre for Ceramic Art at Ringebu.

May: Exhibition at Surnadal Kulturhus with Jon Arne Mogstad, for Varsög festival 2022, and a four screen video work as a permanent installation at Surnadal Middle School,.

Paintings by Jon Arne Mogstad and video projection by Jeremy Welsh & Trond Lossius

TMTR 3 (Take Me To The River) video on 4 screen matrix

June: The  Atmospherics 12, video by Jeremy Welsh and sound by Trond Lossius, showing at the Centre for Ceramic Art Ringebu from June to September.

Video projection on free-standing screen

Video projection with sculptures by Torbjørn Kvasbø in the foreground

June: concert and screening at Trondheim Cinematek as part of Meta.Morf biennale of art and technology, 2022. Screening programme "Screens revived and revisited" featuring Ivar Smedstad; Inger Lise Hansen; Vibeke Jensen; Kaia Hugin; Øivind Brandstegg with Piya Wanthiang, Tijs Ham and Jeremy Welsh. Concert; Reconstruction V composed by Lene Grenager, live double bass Michael Francis Duch with projections by Jeremy Welsh.

July; photo fram a visit to Aros Museum, Aarhus. Reflections in an installation by Elmgreen and Dragseth. A father/son selfie.

Next exhibition upcoming in August, followed by some months of preparation and pre-production in the autumn for scheduled projects in 2023.