Exhibitions June 2011

"Vatn: Connecting People" at Kviteseid Kunstforening, a series of events and exhibitions in celebration of the 150th. anniversary of the Telemark Canal. Several artists, musicians and performers held events in and around Kviteseid over the weekend of 16th. - 19th. June and exhibitions opened in the Kunstforening's two galleries Port Arthur and Pakkbua, an old canalside storehouse that has been converted into a video viewing space for the duration of the summer. I curated a small exhibition of water-themed  video art works, which are shown daily until 13th. August.

Below: Pakkbua, the termporary video gallery exterior, and interior, with Ivar Smedstad's video "Vortex"

German oceanographer & sculptor Erich Bäuerle demonstrates his work for groups of school children

Installation outside the gallery "Port Arthur" by Oslo-based artist Eva Schølberg

Video screening programme, 16 June - 13 August:

1 - In Our Place
16 juni - 24 juni
2 - Trilogi over Felespilleren, Dvergen og Den blinde
25  juni - 1 juli
3 - Bending Water
2 juli - 10 juli
4 - Tro, Håp, Luft og Vann
11 juli - 19 juli
5 - Fall
20 juli - 29 juli
6 - Vortex
30 juli - 6 august
7 - Tolvte Samtal
7 august - 13 august

Anne Katrine Senstad "Is her name red?" at Galleri 3,14 Bergen - opening Friday 24. June.

New-York based artist Senstad is showing a series of abstract colour photographs, a two-screen video work with music by J.G. Thirlwell, and a digital slide projection with portrait photographs. The large colour prints and video projection have a strong, painterly visual presence and clear references to an abstract visual language belonging to the history of avant-garde film, early synthetic video art and the art of psychedelia.

Below - images from the opening.