Constructing Time: Applied Data Mining: Right About Now

A one-day seminar at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen on Thursday 3 March 2011. Programme details of the seminar are here.  Presentation by Jeremy Welsh: The Accidental Collector, 2008 - 2010. Musings on art as data and data as art; the compulsion to collect, database narratives or narrative databases; iStories, embodied and disembodied memory; the art of scavenging.


Right about Now

Welcome to a symposium for discussing observation, collecting and the production of presence as artistic strategies.
3. march 2011 at ROM8, Vaskerelven 8, Bergen

Thursday 3. of march: Public Symposium

10.00 Introduction by Ellen Røed
10.15 Isabelle Jenniches (USA): A young lady’s illustrated primer to webcams.
11.15 Patrik Entian (N): Close but far away. Landscape painting and webcameras.
12.15 Jeremy Welsh (UK/N): The Accidental Collector, 2008 – 2010.
13.15 Lunch at the Art academy (not included)
14.30 Suzanne Jaschko (D): Process as Paradigm?
15.30 Michelle Teran (CN/N): Future Guides for Cities
16.30 End

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