30 October: Workshop on Curating and Exhibiting Electronic Literature

As part of this event arranged by Jill Walker Rettberg and Scott Rettberg of the University of Bergen, I will be chairing a discussion group whose aim is to develop criteria for soliciting and curating works within electronic literature/digital arts. This is aimed towards an international electronic literature festival planned for Bergen in 2015.

On 8 - 9 November I will be participating in the ELIA biennale conference in Vienna, where colleagues from art education institutes all over Europe will be gathering to discuss current priorities and to hear keynotes by such luminaries as Ute Meta Bauer and Yoko Ono :-) Hopefully there will also be time for visits to The Secession and other art venues in Vienna.

A recent phone camera image, taken purely by accident. To get this sense of circular movement by intention would probably be extremely difficult!

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