New work: Tracings, installation in This Must Be The Place (pick me up and turn me round) at Kino Kino, Sandnes

Tracings - installation consisting of black and white HD video projection onto a suspended screen, a colour LED HD monitor reflecting coloured light onto the wall, a small digital photo frame showing a colour negative verskon of the video displayed on the LED monitor, and a 35 mm slide series projected on the rear of the hanging screen. In the same space is a 12 channel sound installation by Trond Lossius, Signe Lidén and Morten Eide Pedersen, which complements and completes the installation. All imagery recorded in the mould stores of the former Spode ceramics factory at Stoke on Trent, UK, during workshops arranged as part of the art research project Topographies of The Obsolete.

Tracings is shown as part of the exhibition This Must Be The Place at Kino Kino, Sandnes, which has been realized within the art research project Re:place.

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