Vegard Vindenes - art for Norges Handelshøyskole, Berge

On 23 October the final instalment of commissioned artwork for NHH (The Norwegian School of Economics), for which I have been a consultant, was installed. Bergen-based painter Vegard Vindenes installed two works in corridor areas, adding to projects realised earlier by Lello & Arnell, Anders Sletvoll Moe and Kurt Johannessen.

Vegard's highly coloured, geometric paintings add focal points to areas that are otherwise simply places to pass by on the way to somewhere else. Building on earlier figurative works, that were often paintings of three dimensional models for fictitious architecture, Vegard Vindenes has developed a visual language that combines an intense use of colour with an intricate and precise use of construction in works that are assembled from multiple individual painted surfaces.

Vegard Vindenes together with architect Anne Russel Bothun

Work installed in a corridor linking the old and new buildings

The piece is assembled from many individual parts

A series of six pieces for a corridor in the new building

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