Infinitesimal Gradations: Kaia Hugin, Magdaléna Manderlová, Hasan Daragmeh. Curated by Jeremy Welsh.

The exhibition Infinitesimal Gradations opened at Atelier Nord on Thursday 3 March with works by Kaia Hugin, Hasan Daragmeh and Magdaléna Manderlová. During the opening there was a concert by Magdaléna Manderlová and Kristoffer Lislegaard.  A planned artist talk with Kaia Hugin was postponed until later in the exhibition period. The exhibition consists of a new film (Motholic Mobble part 11) by Kaia Hugin; Timescape No. 7 (wide eyes) a 3 screen digital video work by Hasan Daragmeh; Straw Bales, a performance and sound work by Magdaléna Manderlová. On Thursday 31 March there will be a new concert and the launch of a  release by Magdaléna Manderlová on Breton Cassettes.

Hasan Daragmeh; Timescape No. 7

Kaia Hugin; Motholic Mobble part 11

Magdaléna Manderlová & Kristoffer Lislegaard; Straw Bales, concert version.


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